Luck and Fighting Fighting

They came at the hands of decks that ran fighting pokemon. The first loss was to a Terrakion. My opponent started with a Terrakion then communicated for a Terrakion and those two alone rolled over me. The second loss was the same situation but with two Donphan. Cather was also key in these losses as my opponents waited and were patient, waiting for me to play a Magnamite, in order to catcher up the biggest threat and take care of it early.
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The Pokémon TCG HGSS-on Metagame Analysis for Dummies Summary and Giveaway: Machamp

You may find yourself a bit puzzled by the title of this  TCG article. You may be thinking, “Who you callin' a dummy foo?” There will be answers all in good time my smart friend. What you are really interested in is the word, “giveaway”. Yes there will be a, “giveaway”. No catch, but again, all in good time. For now I will GIVE YOU... MACHAMP!!!! But first and foremost, in writing this article and in future articles I am assuming you have read the rulebook and or understand the rules to the Pokémon Trading Gard Game. If not, you can read up at .

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IOTW: Macho Brace

An odd item to focus on in terms of battle uses, I know, but stick with me. We're going to look at the advantages of the Macho Brace, and not even the ones regarding EV training ones.

Macho Brace's most common use is for speeding up EV training, because it doubles the EVs that the holder earns. What I'm going to focus on in this article is what most consider its negative side effect, that it halves the holder's speed.

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