No One Will Call Me Professor

Hey Pokefans. I’m one of the new Pokemon TCG editors. I’m going to be straight with you. I’m awful at the video games. I preorder every one thinking that I will be determined to beat it and love it and 100% the game. I have just gotten past the 3rd gym in Pokemon Black and I also just had to get up and check which game I owned.  I picked Snivy for my starter and my team has a level 1 Pidove on it, not even holding an item. What I can do well is explain the Pokemon TCG to you. I can strategize on the same level about the TCG that the other editors bring the video game and broaden your view of the Pokemon world.

We’re going to take journeys you and I. No… you don’t have a choice. The doors already locked you can’t leave, just sit down. Thank you. We’re going to crank up your Pokelove dial past 10. It might get messy. There’s going to be lots of wrappers and maybe even a rapper. Shuckle is going to be a power combo and worth more than any Reshiram or Zekrom. Serperior is near unstoppable and Yanmega is worth almost what you paid for your copy of the video game. It’s a strange mixed up place you and I are going to. There’s no escape rope in our backpack and we’re out of potions. Our only choice is push forward, build the best teams and crush as many younger children as daylight allows. We’re going to master the Pokemon TCG.

My name is Vinnie and I’m fairly new to listening to the podcast. I started on episode 45. I’ve been playing the card game for over 10 years, since base set. This year has been an awesome year for the PKMNpodcast team but this next year we will redefine super effective