Getting Ready To Deal With My EX's

There was a time when I up and quit the Pokémon TCG. It was dramatic and over the top but deserved. I quit when I played my brother’s first deck that had a Pokémon EX in it. The next set contains the all-powerful Pokémon EX. I probably won’t end up quitting but I can promise there will be a serious change in game play.

Several cards I think will jump in value both in play and online. The first being...

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Concept Corner: Pokreationism

Hello once again, boys and girls, and welcome to another episode of Chuggaconroy's Pikmin walkthr-wait. What I MEANT to say was, todays fun-filled topic is that of Sinnoh's mythology, and the Pokemon involved. This involved several of Sinnoh's legendaries, most centrally Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Arceus. Before we discuss the individual Pokemon, however, let's go over the general mythology of Sinnoh, Pokemon's creation story.
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