PKMN of the Week: Garchomp

When I go out on the town, which I tend to do on Friday nights, I like to check in to places on Foursquare.  Most of the places I frequent don't have bonuses for the mayor but I like being able to see who else has checked in at the same location and where my friends around the country are at the same time.

Unfortunately, downtown DC has terrible cellular coverage and it can be difficult to get a data connection when you are trying to check in.  This past Friday I was having just that problem, fiddling with my phone trying to check in, when a hand started waving over the screen.

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Comment or I'll One Hit KO

So I’ve got a proposed deck list for the new Noble Victors set. I am most likely going to build this but I want your input. Read though the deck list and my thoughts on how it would match up and play. Then tell me I’m wrong in every way and tell me how you’d fix this list.
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Helmet Required, Deck Construction in Progress

The worst way to lose is an early game KO where your deck just doesn’t preform. The Pokemon TCG is a game of chance so maybe, by chance, you don’t draw a single energy or Professor Oak’s new theory in the first three turns and your opponent has fully set up and is picking off easy KO’s. Worse maybe you have only that lone basic and all energy, Slowpoke’s Whimsy Tackle can only do so much. The new Poketools in Noble Victories can help you stall for the extra turn that you need or maybe even a KO without even attacking.
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