Comment or I'll One Hit KO

So I’ve got a proposed deck list for the new Noble Victors set. I am most likely going to build this but I want your input. Read though the deck list and my thoughts on how it would match up and play. Then tell me I’m wrong in every way and tell me how you’d fix this list.

Pokémon -16

Kyurem x4

Druddigon x4

Tornadus x3

Doduo x2

Dodrio x2

Cleffa x1


Trainers/Supporters - 27

Rocky Helmet x4

Eviolite x4

Potion x4

Pokémon Catcher x3

Energy Exchanger x3

Prof. Oak’s New Theory x4

Pokémon Collector x3

Seeker x2


Energy - 17

Double colorless x4

Water x 13


General Idea: Get out big basics early, spread damage with Kyurem and let my opponent KO themselves with Druddigon or Tornadus with a Rocky Helmet equipped.

How to play: Save Eviolites for Kyurem and the Rocky Helmets for Druddigon and Tornadus. Dodrio helps me avoid a KO by moving something back to the bench for free. The two cards that probably struck the “WTF” cymbal in your head are Potion and Energy Exchanger. I need as much time as possible with Kyurem to spread damage, Eviolite buys me some time and Potion could give me one more turn of extra damage. Also its not something that a lot of players are factoring into the format right now and a little curveball never hurts as long as you’re the one throwing it. Energy exchanger allows me to grab the Double Colorless from my deck as soon as I want. Also a Tornadus with two Double Colorless Energy can swing for 80 every turn without having to move energy.

Match ups: Kyurem’s damage spread I think could take care of Vileplume lock as well as Gothitelle. Kyurem is also my answer of Reshiram. Tornadus can bend over Donphan and Druddigon has no weakness and would probably be able to go shoulder to shoulder with Zekrom.

So Poke-masters lets hear the suggestions, what I am I failing to address and what can I do to improve my consistency? I also need a name for the deck! So if anything give me some swag names that I can write on my deck list sheet. Also please feel free to build and play this if you’d like.