The Crystal Ball of Next Destinies Pre-release

Prereleases are upon us. Next Destinies is right around the corner and I have some quick predictions for cards that will help take you to the winners seat at your prerelease.

First and foremost as we’ve seen in almost every build of deck being played anything with an “outrage” ability is worth the time of day. Zekrom and Reshiram are both being reprinted and I can confidently say that in any type of deck you draft these two are worth it. The other “outrage” like ability is Regigigas’ raging hammer. 4 energy is a bit slower than I’d like in a limited deck but still very strong.

This brings up my second point, EX’s. If you open one they should dictate your deck type. Since they’re basic they only require the set up of energy and they all have outstanding HP. They may fall to weakness or another EX but against anything else they should allow you to take at least two prizes. They’ll provide a huge force as your active or even if they don’t set up to attack they can be giant wall for your opponent overcome. Also be careful with your EX’s as you’re giving up two prizes with a KO. That’s halfway to a win. Remember to retreat if need be.

Lastly some not so fancy cards I think will do well. The new Shrifty gives you a chance to Super Scoop Up an opponent’s pokemon, awesome. This could potentially help get rid of an EX or any big threat standing in your way. Amoonguss, though a terrible attacker, has a very neat support tech that could put some status conditions on the defending pokemon that may slow them down with confusion and help stack damage using poison.

I should have an article up after I play in my prerelease and I have a very strange idea for a draft deck so keep your eyes peeled. Good luck in your pre-releases! Let me know if you run up against any strange match ups!