Helmet Required, Deck Construction in Progress

The worst way to lose is an early game KO where your deck just doesn’t preform. The Pokemon TCG is a game of chance so maybe, by chance, you don’t draw a single energy or Professor Oak’s new theory in the first three turns and your opponent has fully set up and is picking off easy KO’s. Worse maybe you have only that lone basic and all energy, Slowpoke’s Whimsy Tackle can only do so much. The new Poketools in Noble Victories can help you stall for the extra turn that you need or maybe even a KO without even attacking.
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A Competitive Edge That Cuts Deep

I should preface this article with two things. The first, I don’t actually believe in what I’m about to explain to you but it is something necessary to know. The second being that I believe in good sportsmanship, never sinking to a lower level and having the best possible game between two people. I had posted an article earlier about table ettiquette while playing someone. I strongly encourage you to read that either right now or after finishing this article.

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Smeargle Wasn't Picaso But He Had Fun

I finished playing at league yesterday and realized I was playing decks that were printed offline. I played two match ups against two different players with almost identical decks. Another player playing the deck that dominated the top 8 at worlds and finally a player who ran a slight variation of a deck list I built after the Emerging Powers release. These players have developed the easily acquired talent of net decking. They use the online power of Google to discover the deck they think most likely to win at a Battleroads. They build it, they play it, and I would imagine they feel great winning as most people would. Anyone can do this. My eight year old cousin could build Beartic/Vileplume not because he has a strategic mind or he is some sort of Pokémon savant but because he is smart enough to use a computer. 

There are two different things that challenge a player in a deck building game, the ability to win and the ability to be creative. Unfortunately winning is more easily acquired and does not frequently match up with a creative mind. For me, the fun of the Pokemon card game doesn’t lie in winning the world championships or having a great record. I would rather lose nine out of ten games and win that one game with a crazed combination of Pokemon no one saw coming. I challenge you to use a net deck list not to build a winning deck but to build a better one. These cards are good for a reason, understand that reason and use it to build a deck that is new and exciting. The world of Pokemon is vast with options that people over look. Find them, exploit them and win with them.