No One Will Call Me Professor

Hey Pokefans. I’m one of the new Pokemon TCG editors. I’m going to be straight with you. I’m awful at the video games. I preorder every one thinking that I will be determined to beat it and love it and 100% the game. I have just gotten past the 3rd gym in Pokemon Black and I also just had to get up and check which game I owned.  I picked Snivy for my starter and my team has a level 1 Pidove on it, not even holding an item. What I can do well is explain the Pokemon TCG to you. I can strategize on the same level about the TCG that the other editors bring the video game and broaden your view of the Pokemon world.


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044 A Star Is Born (feat. Bayleef)

While SBJ departs "It's Super Effective", Kenny takes over the show as the new Host. Kenny has turned "It's Super Effective" into "It's Super Bayleef". Please open him with warm arms for the new version of this podcast. Please hear Kenny out until the END of the show. #seriously

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Host: Kenny

Pokémon Comics

We are going to keep today’s article short and sweet. Well... I think we try to do that every week. Never really works that well... but we are not lying this time! Searching the web, we discovered a couple Pokémon Comics. Who doesn’t like a good laugh, right? There surprisingly are a lot of comics out there, like anything in the internet world, but two stood out to us that we would love to share with you guys.

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