The Pokémon TCG HGSS-on Metagame Analysis for Dummies Summary and Giveaway: Machamp

You may find yourself a bit puzzled by the title of this  TCG article. You may be thinking, “Who you callin' a dummy foo?” There will be answers all in good time my smart friend. What you are really interested in is the word, “giveaway”. Yes there will be a, “giveaway”. No catch, but again, all in good time. And first and foremost, in writing this article and in future articles I am assuming you have read the rulebook and or understand the rules to the Pokémon Trading Gard Game. If not, you can read up at .

Next you need to know that the current format or playable sets of cards is “HGSS-on” meaning only specific sets of the Official Pokémon Trading Card Game including “Heart Gold-Soul Silver” and every following set released are allowed in tournaments to play, similar to how only Gen V Pokémon  are allowed in VGC's. Though your local Pokémon TCG league usually does not care if you play under these rules most players will abide by this restriction and will only want to battle other players who play under the current format. Now onto the article.

Arguably, the most Important part of the Pokémon Trading Card Game is knowing what you are up against. Being familiar with the most played cards in the game and being able to identify what kind of deck your opponent is using is the key to victory. Once you know your enemy you can build your armada. This article will learn you good about one of the attackers in the game right now. When I say attacker I mean a Pokémon that is going to be active and hitting for heavy damage or hitting with strategy and the intention of winning the game. This edition's is an absolute beasts. 

MACHAMP - HS Triumphant 95/102


This furious fighter is a long way from “Ju-doh” back in the day. Look at the determination in his eye. His picture in this card is saying, “I know you ain't funna mess with me!” and continues to stare at you as if it were repeatedly mocking you, saying, “Really? Really?” OR, maybe more simply, he is interjecting, “SWAG!” Regardless, Machamp is a stage 2 Pokémon meaning it evolves from a stage 1 Pokémon (Machoke) who evolved from a basic Pokémon (Machop). This seems simple although you don't know how often you will say stage 3 when you mean stage 2 and confuse people. Anyway, this means that Machamp takes longer to get out onto the field than Reshiram or Zekrom who are basics ready for battle and will be featured in future articles. The plus to stage 2's are usually that they have more HP than stage 1's and basics. Machamp has a whopping 150 HP. This is one of the highest of any Pokémon in the card game's current format. Machamp's weakness is psychic which is a very good weakness to have considering there are not any psychic type heavy hitters in this format. Machamp also has an amazingly strong attack and a great Poképower. Its Champ Buster attack has a high energy cost, but that cost can be reduced with a Double Colorless energy and when you have the power of Machamp, the cost is worth it. This attack has the potential to hit for 150 damage which can 1 hit KO any Pokémon you will see in the game. (Except if you are playing sbj because he uses Wailord which has 180hp but nobody else uses wailord) His Poképower, “Fighting Tag” lets Machamp switch out your active Pokémon and move all fighting energies from that Pokémon to Machamp. This will come in handy when pairing Machamp with other Pokémon in your deck. This basically gives your active Pokémon a free retreat cost if you are switching it for Machamp. This is ability is taken advantage of to the fullest with Donphan.


The most popular way Machamp is used in the HGSS-on format is paired with Donphan. The gist of Donphan is that it is a fast to get into play, tank. Donphan is used to take prizes early in the game and tank while you set up Machamp on your bench. The downside of Donphan is its retreat cost which is four. Well with Machamp you can forget your worries and tag that Donphan out and KO everything in site with Fighting Tag and Champ Buster. Donphan works with Machamp for many other reasons too but to keep it simple, tank, tag, bust. Champ-Bust that is!

Now for what you've all been waiting for. Since you've seen how bodaciously rad Machamp is, you are dying to get your hands on one. Well I am going to give away my Machamp TR 95/102 along with 2 Machops, 2 Machokes, and a different Machamp all from the set HS Triumphant. If you want a chance to be randomly selected to win this lot, comment below and tell me one thing you liked about the article, one thing that could be improved upon, and one thing about the TCG you would like to hear about in the future. If you are selected I will find a way to contact you and get an address to ship the cards to (free shipping of course). And if you're not selected, do not fret. I will be giving away at least one card for every article in the future. For my last article I did not do this but if you go back and comment on it, you can have a chance to win the famed "Whimsy Tackle Slowpoke". Three will be given away. Your comment must include the criteria above to have a chance to win for that article too. So start your keyboards and log in!

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Thanks for reading!!