064 Once Upon a Time in Mexico

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064 - SBJ, Travis, and Saul team up to talk about news. Travis goes through his Extreme Speed test course. We cover the Bug Gym Leader's (Grey) Featured Team, answer a quesetion on glitches, and take over PKMN of the Week! Enjoy all!

Host: SBJ | Guests: Travis & Saul

064 Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Concept Corner Monochrome: The people who fight you and give you stuff

Monochrome: The People Who Fight You and Give You Stuff
Oh, the shippinz.
I love characters in Pokemon. Whether it’s your rivals, from the rich spoiled jock Gary to energetic and ambitious Barry, or the champions, from heroic and courageous Lance you mysterious and knowledgeable Cynthia, all of the characters in Pokemon fit well into their places. This generation, we saw characters get more development than ever before. We see Bianca struggle to find a path in life while dealing with her father’s disapproval, the ever going saga of Cheren’s quest to become stronger, and even the gym leaders seem to have more substance, with gyms doubling as things like restaurants and roller coasters. The supporting characters of Pokemon deserve to be written about, so that’s what shall be done! 


Before we jump into this, let me warn you that this will be another spoiler-filled article. Ejecting all who have not finished the game in 3...2...1. *katchunk* 


Okay, so without further ado, let’s get started!
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