PKMN of the Week: Hydreigon

Sometimes, PKMN of the Week travels to far off locations like Austin, TX.  Sometimes, PKMN of the Week gets caught up in the heady party atmosphere of the SXSW Conference.  Sometimes, PKMN of the Week wakes up in the morning feeling like soldiers from Panzer Command are marching through his head - Eins! Zwei! Drei!

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PKMN of the Week: Tyranitar

Whenever I delve into the world of online dating (far too often for my own good health) the conversation inevitably turns to my stats.  The guys all want to know how high my max HP has gotten, whether I have IVs in Attack and Special Attack, where all of my EV training has gone.  Unfortunately, I'm more of a wall than a sweeper, IVs are in Defense and Special Defense, and my nature is anything but jolly.  When the guys learn my stats they quickly lose interest.

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Welcome Our Gym Leaders

Welcome to the Grey League!

We are still prepping our teams for the best challenge of your life. With that being said, it'll be the most fun yo should have!

Our Gym Leaders are hand-picked from over 40 people who battled. Just because you see tiers, does not mean that it ranges from Easy to Hard. These Leaders all have unique strategies to put you to the test. 

While more info develops, like the state of the badges, we advise you to continue training your team, as Trainers will have to submit their team of 6 they plan to use through the League. 

Also, badges are in the works now that the new store items have launched. Stay tuned for the names and what the badges look like in days to come. 

The League should being late June / early July for everyone to participate. 

Again, any questions, please ASK!

MOTW: Foul Play

Battling against nearly 25 or 30 people this last weekend for gym leader tryouts made me see a lot of what people are doing now-a-days to try and get an edge up in flat battles. I saw Stealth Rock combinations, the use of Toxic, burning moves, Trick Room, but one that really caught my eye, and worked particularly well against me with my heavy hitting team was Foul Play. It’s not to difficult of a move to understand, but lets go over it, shall we? 
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Eeveelutions: Umbreon

You want to know about Umbreon... well... first... it evolves from happiness at night. The opposite of Espeon. Night and Day... get it. Umbreon is the moonlight Pokémon, and it's ability is Synchronize, which, will pass on status problems. If you really care about this Eeveelution, Umbreon is the tallest out of all the other Eevees.  

Umbreon rocks the Special Defense, followed by, regular Defense. While I've seen Umbreon as an attack, it's best used as a Defensive Pokémon. For those gun-ho on making their...

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