Rare Article: DIY PKMNCast Little Bug Cup!

On the last "It's Super Effective" we (jokingly?) suggested doing a tournament where only unevolvedBug types can be used. Honestly, with the Grey League going on, we probably won't start an official one in the foreseeable future. HOWEVER! I thought I'd present you Pokefolk with some rules to play with, in case a few of you wanted to do a tournament like this but did not want to put the effort into devising the minutia of the rules, you lazy slowpokes

Wait! I didn't mean that! Come back, keep reading! I promise I won't call you a lazy slowpoke anymore, Ok? We good? Cool. Let's take a look at the main rules of the LBC (Little Bug Cup), shall we?

1. Must be bug type. Dual types, such as such as Weedle, are fine.

2. Must be able to evolve. In other words, no Pinsir, no Heracross.

3. Must be the first Pokemon in an evolutionary line. For example, even though Metapod has the ability to evolve, because Caterpie comes before it, Metapod is unusable in this tier.

4. Must have a base stat total of 320 or below. (Thanks to @alapponese (Angelo) on Twitter for this.) That means no Scyther, you cheap-o.

5. Pokemon can be no higher than lvl 15. 

Obviously these rules will have to be flexible, due to the fact that a tier like this hasn't been tested. For example, I had first considered 350 as the base stat cap until consulting with Angelo, but that just encouraged the use of the same four Pokemon with a few curve balls to fill up the last two spots, and the point of this was to make a level playing field. Oh, and to be fun, that was the point of this as well.

As we test this we may find that there are some bans we might not have thought of. For example, while we have cut out Larvesta, the only unevolved bug that can learn Flamethrower, by implementing the stat cap, perhaps we need to ban Hidden Power too, because it can be abused to be super-effective against every opponent he faces. Maybe it is too weak for it to make that much of a difference. We can only figure that out by trying.

So, Pokemon trainers, I implore you to play around with this rule structure, and once you have perfected it by playing it, we could have something really fun on our hands.

Or, it could end up being a complete waste of time. Who knows if we don't give it a shot?