Rare Article: How to Use Your Pokémon Strengths in the Real World

221Piloswine.pngNote: For whatever reason, the "G" key on my laptop is not being kind to me of late. So, if you see a word missing a "G," cool your jets.

All of us here in the PKMNcast community play a bunch of Pokémon. Probably more than is healthy. One of the main reasons, I would argue, that players flock to Pokémon is that it is a world with such rigid rules. It's all in the numbers, and besides a crit here and there, there isn't much chaos in the mix.

Compare that to the real world, which is more crazy than a wheelbarrow full of Crispin Glovers. It makes sense that we would enjoy the stability of the Pokémon world. Today, however, I am going to be talking about how we can use the skills in the world of Pokémon to make some sense of these mortal coils.

Chapter 1: Training, Or: Critical Hits Favor the Prepared

While battling is undeniably the most flashy aspect of Pokémon, it's training and breeding that take up most of our time as Pokémon players. We recognise that the fun of battling (and winning) requires preparation. 

For instance, you hatch an egg. It doesn't have the nature you want, but it's got three perfect IVs, all the right egg moves, and is the gender you were hoping for. So what do you do? Hatch another one, of course! The only part of a match you can truly control, after all, is the quality of the Pokémon you bring to it. 

Similarly, we need to give real life situations the same amount of time spent preparing and planning. Have a tough job coming up at work? Do as much as you can before hand, so that you have as much under control as possible Have an interview? Plan the answers to questions you know you will have, and maybe pick out your fanciest clothes the day before so you have one fewer thing to think about. Have an upcoming battle with a tough opponent? Oh, wait, that's Pokémon. The lines are a little blurred for me these days.

Full disclosure: I have trouble with this one. Even with things I enjoy. Take this article, for instance. I'm writing it mere hours before the deadline. And that's something I like doing. I have noticed that playing Pokémon more often has given me more perspective on my lack of preparedness. As I said before, I am trying to come to situations with as much under control as possible to begin with, so that any curve balls that come my way can be dealt with without much hassle. That's what I do with my Pokémon teams, after all. I train them to be as good as they can be and give them counters to common threats. Anything unexpected will be easier to manage when I know what to do about everything else.

Chapter 2: Gotta Catch 'Em All, Or: Tolerable OCD

To many players, battling is only secondary in the Pokémon world. Collecting is where it's at. Tediously levelling that Dragonair even though you never intend to use a Dragonite, just to have it in your Pokédex, you've spent hours gathering all the digital buddies you can. That way, in case, just to throw it out there, if a certain podcast community wants to start a bugs only tournament, you have all of the weapons at your disposal. 

This can translate to the physical realm into what we keep track of and seek out. While it may sound similar to preparedness, it's a little different. Make sure you have the tools for the job. While having a screwdriver is nice, having a wide variety is better. That way you can hand pick whichever one will work the best for that situation. 

Similarly, seek out anything that could be useful in a common situation and grab it. You might not Oregano for whatever you are cooking this week, but you might want to throw in that spice down the road.

Just a warning, I don't want to see any of you on Hoarders, so use good judgement here.

Chapter 3: Fun, Or: Have a (Fire) Blast

Ultimately, we play Pokémon because we enjoy it. We would stop playing if we didn't.

Take me, for instance, as I am too egocentric to think of anyone else to use as an example. I play Pokémon because I have fun playing it. Bring on the hate, but I don't play The Legend of Zelda because I don't find it fun. It's as simple as that.

However, we don't seem to use that discretion when living out our real lives. We live as if we have little choice in what we do, when most of the time that is completely false. Do what you love, and love what you do. It's that simple.

Later, folks. Keep an eye out for my 1 Year PKMNcastiversary post. It probably won't be under the Rare Article heading, but you'll find it.