PKMN of the Week: Heracross

My friend Andrew found a dead beetle under his bed recently.

If you know him, you can look up the picture on Twitter.  The poor thing is lying on its side, just . . . dead.

There are so many different types of beetles in the world.  In Asia, beetles are sometimes used for insect fighting - much like other types of animal fighting it is kind of gross.  One of the most popular battlers, though, is the Rhinoceros Beetle.  They can get pretty big - up to six inches - among the largest beetles in the world.  They use the horn on top of their head to chase off potential rivals.  Having recently learned this fact, I am going to start bringing a Rhinoceros Beetle with me when I go out on Saturday nights!

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AOTW: Guts

What’s up, pokémaniacs? Ability of the Week is back this week, and back to mixing it up between all the generations of the franchise we know and love that featured the passive pokémon powers! Today we’re heading back to the heyday of the GBA, with one of the Abilities that debuted in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. We’re finding an excuse for inducing all that ails you, because this is Ability of the Week: Guts!
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