051 F as in Foreshadowing

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This week is brought to you by - SBJ, Kidd, and Ryan. After a long 2+ weeks with no podcast, SBJ comes back strong with coverage of Worlds, Pokemon News, Featured Team, and Pokémon of the Week. We touch a lot of bases in this 2 hour epic episode to start our journey to episode 100.

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Unofficial Pokémon Bug Cup

Host: SBJ | Guests: Kidd and Ryan

Rare Article: DIY PKMNCast Little Bug Cup!

On the last "It's Super Effective" we (jokingly?) suggested doing a tournament where only unevolvedBug types can be used. Honestly, with the Grey League going on, we probably won't start an official one in the foreseeable future. HOWEVER! I thought I'd present you Pokefolk with some rules to play with, in case a few of you wanted to do a tournament like this but did not want to put the effort into devising the minutia of the rules, you lazy slowpokes.
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