PKMN of the Week: Smeargle

I mark the hours of my day reproducing the masters.

In the earliest hours, with midnight just past and the world coated in black all around, I paint ten copies of The Persistence of Memory.  Each one mildly shaded as Dalí would present, each clock measured to exact proportion.

As dawn begins to lighten the sky, I start on ten copies of Water-Lily Pond.  The morning hours are suited to Monet and the optimism of the impressionist - capture the movement and the light.  The complexity of brush work is no obstacle to my ability to match the work stroke for stroke.

There is no stopping for me at Noon, that is when I crank out No. 61 (Rust and Blue).  As simple as it looks, it requires some skill to get the blends of color just right.  Rothko only had to do it once - I cannot reach the evening until ten exact replicas exist.

I approach the ending hours of the day with joy and The Figure Five in Gold.  The era captured so perfectly in curve and angle, color and composition.  Is it gold foil or water color?  Does it matter, in the end you won't be able to discern my ten copies from the original.

Every day, I recreate four masterpieces - style, materials, imagery, all exactly the same.  Something, though, is missing.  You see, I am not the original artist.  Some power is missing.  I cannot claim to exactly capture the heart, soul, and intent that collected in each unique and original piece.  I can only reproduce these four, indiscernible yet lacking.

As I grow I occasionally get the opportunity to learn a new piece - I discard one and take on another.  Which will be next?  GuernicaLe Bar aux Folies-BergèreCampbell's Soup I?  Whatever it may be, I will duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate, etc. and yet never achieve the same power.

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MOTW: Round

Hiya, Trainers! As always, my name is Kenny and welcome to Move of the Week! Today we're looking at an interesting yet rarely used move; Round! Round is a Normal-Type Special Category move. It sports a Base Power of 60, an Accuracy of 100%, and a PP of 15 (Max 24). Now, you'd think that with a mediocre Base Power of 60 that there would be some secondary effect. Does it have a chance of causing a status effect? Nope. Well maybe it effects a stat like Snarl does? Hmm, sorry but no dice. Well at this point you're probably thinking...
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Move of the Week - Covet

Heeeyyyy guys, it's me! Kenny! I bet you already knew that! Anyway, I'm here to talk about a move. What, you think you've got a better move to write about? Well hey, if you knew this edition's MOTW, Covet, you might just be able to take this writing position from me! N-no wait, I wasn't serious. Please don't go try and learn that. I would be very sad if you did. So, enough of my joking around, let's get onto the details. Covet is a Normal-Type move in the Physical category, and sports a PP of 40 (Max 64), Base Power of 60, and an Accuracy of 100%. Now if Covet just did damage, it wouldn't really be that great of a move. But, my friends, this Normal-Type attack does more! If the user of Covet is not holding an item, and its target is, the user takes the foe's item! Wow, talk about a potential game-changer! Competitive battlers know that, at times, a held item can make a or break a battle. If that foe's prized item were to be taken away however, it could potentially become quite a bit less threatening (no, I'm definitely not saying that this is always the case). And hey, it's not like most...
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PKMN of the Week: Regigigas

It's Memorial day weekend and, before we get into Pokémon of the week, let's take a moment to reflect on those who have served and sacrificed to protect us and our country.  I have many friends who are currently active in the military and know that there are numerous Pokéfans in the armed forces.  I hope you all know that Pokémon of the Week respects and values the work that you do.

Now that you've done that, I'll ask for a favor.  In either Pokémon Black or White, walk, run, bike, or fly to Celestial Tower.  Make your way to the top and ring the bell for all of the Pokémon who have been sacrificed in pursuit of truth . . . or ideals.  This goes double for all you Nuzlockers out there.

OK, let's get into the real deal.  Which Pokémon has been discussed on the podcast and never had a write up on the site?  Which Pokémon may actually be the most difficult for SBJ to pronounce?  Which is the only Pokémon in the 600 club that I haven't written up?  Which is the one Pokémon to rule them all?

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PKMN of the Week: カービィ



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MOTW: Simple Beam

Hey guys, Kenny here. I'm still not feeling my best, but I figured that I'd still do my duty and write a MOTW article (especially since I didn't write one last week). This week's move... Simple Beam! Kind of a weird move, huh? Anyway, let's get down to business.

Simple Beam is a Normal-Type status-inducing move with 100% accuracy, and 15 PP (which can be maxed out to 24). When used, the target of the attack has their Ability temporarily changed to the "Simple" Ability. A Pokémon with the "Simple" Ability is doubly affected by any stat change. This means that, for example, the move Harden would increase the user's Defense by 2 stages rather than 1, if that same Pokémon were to have the "Simple" Ability.

How can this be put to use? Can it even be put to use at all? Well, of course it can! In Double Battles, you can attack your own Pokémon, right? Say one of your Pokémon were to know Simple Beam, and another Curse and Gyro Ball. By using Simple Beam on your Curse / Gyro Ball Pokémon, you could set up for a killer combo in one turn! That's twice the Attack and Defense boost, and twice the Speed loss. You could also just use it to get rid of an opponent's unwanted Ability. While there aren't a ton of uses for this move, Simple Beam is definitely more than just a throw-away move. Next time you're looking for a unique way to spice up a battle, give this move a try!

PKMN of the Week: Slaking

Yo, bro, I'm gonna sit this one out.

Dude, during that last round, I hit hard.  Did you see what I did?  Did you see me whip out Fire Blast on that guy?  Dude sure was shocked that a Normal-type like me could whip out a massive Fire-type move like that.  I even think I left him with a burn!

Imma take a nap now though.  Let me know when it's my turn again.

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MOTW: Christmas Edition!

Sup everyone! Firstly I deeply apologize for my huge delay on posting the move of the week. I finally got my internet connection to stably work! From now onwards we should sail smoothly... move of the week, every week, as promised! :) So Christmas is here once again in the Pokémon world. Let us revisit a move that give us the chills every time we hear it. And no it's not Blizzard.
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Welcome Our Gym Leaders

Welcome to the Grey League!

We are still prepping our teams for the best challenge of your life. With that being said, it'll be the most fun yo should have!

Our Gym Leaders are hand-picked from over 40 people who battled. Just because you see tiers, does not mean that it ranges from Easy to Hard. These Leaders all have unique strategies to put you to the test. 

While more info develops, like the state of the badges, we advise you to continue training your team, as Trainers will have to submit their team of 6 they plan to use through the League. 

Also, badges are in the works now that the new store items have launched. Stay tuned for the names and what the badges look like in days to come. 

The League should being late June / early July for everyone to participate. 

Again, any questions, please ASK!

MOTW: Roar

Roar, Yea, bet you didn’t see that one comin’ did you? Either as a featured article or a move you’d see in battle, Roar is definitely one of the more rare ones you’ll see out there. I’m curious as to why? It’s a phenomenal move that can seriously throw off your opponent. Over half of all Pokemon can actually learn it, and it’s more effective then you’d think...


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