Rare Article: DIY PKMNCast Little Bug Cup!

On the last "It's Super Effective" we (jokingly?) suggested doing a tournament where only unevolvedBug types can be used. Honestly, with the Grey League going on, we probably won't start an official one in the foreseeable future. HOWEVER! I thought I'd present you Pokefolk with some rules to play with, in case a few of you wanted to do a tournament like this but did not want to put the effort into devising the minutia of the rules, you lazy slowpokes.
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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Okay readers, slow down. Today we are talking all about the Pokémon nobody uses, the Bug Pokémon. Like stated in the confusing paragraph before, there are 48 Bug-Type Pokémon. Twelve of those are pure bug-type, including favorites like Caterpie and Pinsir. Most bug Pokémon are half-types usually mixed with Flying, such as Butterfree and Scyther, or Poison, such as Beedrill and Aridos. Let’s break down this article in some easy to eat sections.  

Wait? What just happened?

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