Pre-Order Black and White

Amazon Pre-Order (No, we are not making any money off this, we are just excited!) Are you getting Black or White?Finally you can now Pre-Order Black and White off Amazon. Their release data may not be correct, but if you Pre-Order you lock your price in at $35. Also, Pre-Ordering on Amazon doesn't use any of your money. You pay in full when your item ships. Why have GameStop hold your $5 in their bank when it can sit in your bank. Last year Amazon did release day shipping, so let's hope they do it again come spring (of course they will). So exciting!

023 Pokemon Mistletoe Version

Merry Christmas. This week we talk about what we want Nintendo to bring us Pokémon wise. We also cover some news involving Gamestop and Shinies, as well as, touch on the Pokémon of the Week: Nidoking. We also do some shoutouts and cover some listener mail in this tame episode of "It's Super Effective"!

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Catie and Wil