AOTW: Rivalry

You think you’re cool? You think you’re bad? You ain’t got nothin’! Nothin’, readers! Particularly those of you who happen to also have a Y chromosome! (Ladies.) Nothin’, says I! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, I’m sure you all have copious amounts of things and are plenty “bad” and/or “cool”. But if you happened to be yelling at me in the future reading this (and I assume none of you are. No DeLoreans or TARDIS’s have materialized in my immediate vicinity so I guess that means you all have senses of humor. Or ran out of plutonium. But I digress) then you’d be channeling this week’s pick for our passive pokémon power! Prepare for the one-upsmanship- this is Ability of the Week: Rivalry!
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023 Pokemon Mistletoe Version

Merry Christmas. This week we talk about what we want Nintendo to bring us Pokémon wise. We also cover some news involving Gamestop and Shinies, as well as, touch on the Pokémon of the Week: Nidoking. We also do some shoutouts and cover some listener mail in this tame episode of "It's Super Effective"!

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Catie and Wil