MOTW: Christmas Edition!

Sup everyone! Firstly I deeply apologize for my huge delay on posting the move of the week. I finally got my internet connection to stably work! From now onwards we should sail smoothly... move of the week, every week, as promised! :)

So Christmas is here once again in the Pokémon world. Let us revisit a move that give us the chills every time we hear it. And no it's not Blizzard.


Normal / 15 PP / 90% Accuracy

Either deals or heals damage.

Present is a move that is, like many of the moves we've discussed before, often forgotten. This is the signature move of Delibird, the Santa Claus Pokémon. You can also breed this move to other cute-looking Pokémon such as Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Marill, Marill, Snubbull, Miltank, and Happiny, most of them actually gain STAB from Present as a normal type.

I won't do deep into the mechanics of the move, but perhaps you will benefit by me showing you this table of the possible effects of Present:

40 damage: 40%
80 damage: 30%
120 damage: 10%
heals 80 HP: 20%

So now we're talking about a 20% of healing 80HP, which is quite a great deal if you ask me, or a 40% of dealing damage that is more than Ariel Ace, and possibly Earthquake. This move thus can be used as both an offensive move that deals major damage to the opponent, or a supporting move that heals your partner Pokémon in a double battle. This versatility is perhaps a reason that you should try out this move. 


* * *

I like to live dangerously. The state of randomness drives me wild. In a battle especially, you would definitely want to depend on luck to win. How fun would it be to fire Hyper Beams at your opponent every turn (which is impossible) and know that you will win foshizzle? That is not how the game is meant to be played. We all need some randomness in our lives. And that is why Present is such a good move: whether it inflicts damage, how much damage it does, is totally dependant on the invisible random number generators. Isn't this how life works?

Also perchance in this winter season of love and giving we should reflect on what is important to us as Pokémon trainers: always devising a plan to deal the most damage, or love?

Please trainers. Train a Delibird. For the spirit of the holidays, let us all train a Delibird and bring it to the bloodshed ring we call battle. Have it use Present on your opponent. And maybe, just maybe, the Present Delibird gives will heal the pain and suffering that we have all endured throughout years of merciless battles.


Happy Holidays; this is Pierre aka politoedable wishing you all a great winter break!

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Courtesy to Jirachigirl @ Devianart for the pic!