MOTW: Christmas Edition!

Sup everyone! Firstly I deeply apologize for my huge delay on posting the move of the week. I finally got my internet connection to stably work! From now onwards we should sail smoothly... move of the week, every week, as promised! :) So Christmas is here once again in the Pokémon world. Let us revisit a move that give us the chills every time we hear it. And no it's not Blizzard.
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MOTW: Yaaaaaaaaaaawn

Okay, I have to say this: My internet sucks. Remember when the Internet was in its 56K era? That's how slow the connection at my home is. But maybe none of you had even heard of 56K for you're all young like that. And I'm ancient. Everytime I want to load up the PKMNCAST page, it stops at the banner and takes FOREVER to continue to load. So I would sit in front of the screen, open my mouth, and attack. Nope, not with Hyper Beam, because I don't wanna recharge. I would Yawn.
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MOTW: Perish Song

Pardon me, Wil, I'm gonna have me some ambiance music for my article here as well.

This is the song, lalalala, Perish Song...
Lalalala, lalalala, Perish Song... (No one likes it!)
Lalala, lalalala... (It's not a useless attack!)
Lalala, lalalala... (Agreed!)

I like to use, lalalala, Perish Song... (Oh, use it!)
Lalalala, lalalala, Perish Song!
Total destuction
is guaranteed
That's Perish Song!

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MOTW: Explosion

Whats! Up! E-very-bo-dy! This is Pierre (aka Politoedable) for your weekly Move of the Week! It's great to be here in the PKMNCAST universe with all of you guys, discussing one of my favourite aspects of the game: moves. I mean yes, abilities are important, and so are items. But when you think of it, it's the moves that drive the battle onward. Imagine God-almighty Arceus with Cut, Defog, Rock Smash, and Whirlpool. Not so tough now huh? Now of course no one gets that extreme to putting four near-useless HMs on the PKMNGOD, but hey, I’m just trying to prove a point.

So let's get our MotW started! I'd like to begin our epic MoTW journey with a boom. That's right guys, let's talk about EXPLOSION.

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