Pre-Release Run Down

Prerlease week 1 is over and unfortunately I was occupied with other card games. If you played I would love to hear how your games went in the comments below!  However you did or if you’ll be playing this weekend, I’ve got some bomb picks for the cards that will take you to the top of your prerelease next weekend.

In general when drafting a prerelease deck you’re trying to pick the cards that give you the most bang for your play. Pokemon with attacks that have multiple effects besides damage like status conditions or discard effects will be winners. A prerelease deck isn’t just a race for damage. That being said, EX’s will always have a huge play advantage. Just because you didn’t pull an EX, doesn’t mean the tournament is over. Lets look at Carnivine.

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The Odds Are Strong With This One

Probably at some point probability could possibly predict the postgame results for a match you’re playing in. Instead of covering a certain a card or strategy tip this week I’m going to break down how to figure out probability and how you can use that while playing to help get the wins.

Lets do some basic math work first. Reading this next part you’re probably thinking “We already know all this” but in case you don't know how to figure out probability this should help. We have 60 cards in our deck. We will draw a hand of 7 and then set aside 6 prizes leaving 47 cards in our deck. So lets determine the likely hood of...

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A Wilde, Oscar has Appeared! (to Discuss Deck Building)

Lets talk Durant for a second. The deck is out of tier 1, probably even 1.5, but the actual skeleton of deck is solid. Ten to thirteen energy, a large trainer base, and probably no more than six Pokemon with three to four of them as same main attacker. Durant used this because Durant’s devour attack required more Durant in play to be effective however it’s working for other decks as well. This skeleton is also used for the mono-Terrakion build that saw some play at states. This week at the Whimsy Tackle table SBJ brought a new contender into the ring with a mono-Kyruem build. What is making these decks function so well?
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