Ex-ceptional Way to Combat EXs and Dragons


Pokemon Worlds wrapped up and the MVP is going to be Darkrai EX. Don’t have a Darkrai yet? They’re coming out in tins at the end of the September. So instead of paying out the rear end for them for the modest price of $15-ish you can take home a Darkrai EX and a bunch of packs. The biggest take away here is that you need to run cards with utility. Utility is huge and making the most of every single card in your deck will help you over come and defeat your opponents. Lets talk about some Pokemon that may be worth splashing into your decks. 

Bouffalant is a machine. It’s attack, Gold Breaker, is designed to combat EXs. While 120 damage only one shots Shaymin and Mew it is still a huge chunk of damage onto an EX and puts it within easy KO range of almost any other Pokemon. Its ability, same as the Pokemon tool Eviolite, makes him a decent wall as well. 

Sigilyph is another Pokemon designed to combat EXs. Its ability prevents the effects of all attacks, including damage, done to it by Pokemon-EX. Untouchable until they bring up a non-EX. Mewtwo is still a very real threat and Sigilyph’s attack does 50+ 10 more for each energy attached to the defending Pokemon. So if Mewtwo is at its lowest setup, two energy, Sigilyph is still swinging in for 140 damage because of Mewtwo’s weakness. I will go out on a limb and say it is the best counter in format. And will probably see a lot of a play both in dragons exalted and in future sets. 

The final card that may be worth splashing into your decks is a bit of a bank breaker. It’s the new Rayquaza. The normal one, the secret rare, shining one. The card actually belongs to a smaller dragon set we should see hit the states soon but until then this is the only version of the card available. If you can splash the electric blend into your deck this Rayquaza may be worth it as a one of. With the popularity of dragon decks in Japan we can assume we’ll see the same performance here in the states and this Rayquaze is a tank. For one electric energy it can deal 40 damage turn one. Since dragons have weakness to themselves, if you were to get paired against a dragon deck, you’d be swinging in turn zero for 80 damage. Knocking out any dragon type basic. It’s also important the note that Swablus in the set only have 40hp and will be KO’d as well. 

Trade away and good luck opening packs in the coming weeks! Remember battles roads are just around the corner so start building and play testing now.