New TCG Playmats

Hey guys. Here's our newest item in the store! Enjoy!

This full-color playmat is printed on a smooth material with thick cushioned under-side that grips to most tables while game playing. This Ice Cream inspired playmat is perfect for any TCG player. Sublimation Printing Soft Top, 1/16" Rubber Backed 14" x 24"Only 25 of these are being made. If you order before Friday the 22nd of June, you should get it before Nationals.

Made in America. 

Free Shipping USA. Please hit the "International" button to pay to ship the tube overseas.

Rare Article: 3 VGC Pokémon to Consider

Last week we talked about specific VGC strategies that might be a tad unorthodox. This week, I'll give those of you who, like myself, do not plan on using any specific unifying strategy three suggestions for Pokémon to use. Spoiler alert: Vanilluxe does make a return. I apologize to the haters out there.
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Rare Article: 3 Teambuilding Tips

I like to think that teambuilding is 75% of what makes or breaks a match. Sure, you can play with technical perfection, but if your team isn't up to snuff, that win will continue to elude you. You can breed six perfect Pokémon, but if they don't work together, you're hosed. So, today I bring you three helpful tips for making a team.
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Rare Article: CTMs

I'm sure that there is a name for what I'm going to describe. Am I going to actively look to see what that is? No. I call them CTMs, or Common Threat Managers, Pokemon that, on their own, aren't fantastic but are able to take out a large number of the metagame's most common players, and especially threats that give the rest of your team trouble. I think people call those "techs." That's a dumb word. I'm going to call them CTMs. Wanna fight about it?
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