New TCG Playmats

Hey guys. Here's our newest item in the store! Enjoy!

This full-color playmat is printed on a smooth material with thick cushioned under-side that grips to most tables while game playing. This Ice Cream inspired playmat is perfect for any TCG player. Sublimation Printing Soft Top, 1/16" Rubber Backed 14" x 24"Only 25 of these are being made. If you order before Friday the 22nd of June, you should get it before Nationals.

Made in America. 

Free Shipping USA. Please hit the "International" button to pay to ship the tube overseas.

Rare Candy!

The rarest, mysterious candy now comes in an 8oz jar ready for you to eat! These oversized jelly beans of tangerine and grape flavor not only match the PKMNcast colors, but came right in time for Halloween.

Why is Rare Candy priced the way it is?
1. Candy is expensive to ship.
2. We got the highest quality candy we could find.
3. Keep the jars afterwards for other Rare needs.
4. It's not cheep to get to lv 100.

You can only get Rare Candy at Hurry before it's all gone!

Plusle and Minun Shirts

We've talked about news shirts for the last couple weeks. Then we took it to the next level. Not only did we bring you one new shirt, but we brought you TWO new shirts! On top of that, if you buy both shirts you save money!!! Normally shirts are $18.99, but if you buy both you save $8 and get both for a low price of $30 + shipping. Not bad?

There are a total of 100 shirts, 50 of each color. So these are pretty rare. Pre-Order today and they will ship early next week!

How do you feel about this shirts? Let us know in the comments!

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What is PKMNcast?

A lot of news this Monday.

If you follow my personal twitter, you would have saw that the other night I bought two new domain names!

One of those I have already mentioned:

You can also type in - but we like our new URL better!

So in not wanting to be sued by Nintendo and/or GameFreak and/or the Pokémon Company, I cannot make a real logo for the site with the word "Pokémon" - but since I own the domain: - that is my right (that I OWN) to put onto shirts. I think every site needs a logo, and while this post isn't about our new logo (which is coming), it is about our new domain. 

We will ALWAYS call the site Pokemon Podcast DOT com, but to make things easier, you can just type "" into your browser to jump over to our site now. Pretty cool, right?

You probably guessed it, we can't use Pokémon in a logo, but we can use PKMN. Clever, right?