Win a Pikachu DS Charging Stand... For FREE!

Last month we gave away a FREE PokéDex to a lucky winner who reviewed us in iTunes. Thank you for everyone else who entered. The contest required a bit of work last month, and we are going to make this contest a bit easier, but pretty similar. 

So this month we are giving away a Pikachu Charging Stand (will charge any DSi and/or DSi XL). This guy is currently only available from Play-Asia for $40... then they stick you with another $20 to ship it. Fear not! All you have to do is enter our contest to win!

The Rules:
1. Review us in iTunes!*
2. Tell your friends to Review us in iTunes!
3. Get us up to 100 Reviews in iTunes.
4. E-mail us your Review to enter to WIN.
5. Then WIN!

So we are ONLY giving away the Pikachu charger once we hit 100 reviews. We are up to 45 as of tonight. What this means is you have to tell your friends you listen to a Pokémon Podcast and they should too! And then tell them to review us, and they can tell their friends to listen to us, and review us.


If we e-mail you, are you just going to spam our e-mails?
Nope, I just send a "Thank You" for entering e-mail. We don't give away any of your personal information.

What if you don't make it to 100 reviews?
Well then you guys should be even more AWESOME fans and help us out. We don't want this to just sit our desk, we want to give it to you.

Can ZUNE marketplace people enter, I don't use iTunes?*
Sorry, we have only one review in ZUNE. While we love our ZUNE members, no one from last contest entered, so this contest is iTunes only... sorry.

What if we give you 1 star in iTunes?
We will hate you... forever.

Can I just have the $60 instead of the charger?

What if we already reviewed you in iTunes, can we still enter?
Yes! But, please do not submit your e-mails until we hit 100 reviews, then you can e-mail us. We don't want any to get lost in our inbox. If you did already review us, then it's your job to tell your friends to review us and listen to our show too!