Concept Corner Monochrome: The starters of Black & White

Well, guys, here we are at last. Black and White are out, and all(or at least most) of us are enjoying them, and you're probably playing your game as you read this.(Don't worry, it's okay, I'm level-grinding as I write) Now, these games are obviously huge, but we're going to start small. We're going to be looking at the starters of Unova, and some of the Pokemon encountered early on in the game. So, let's jump into Unova!
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Pokémon Starter Names


Well we finally have it, and if you love Pokémon, you probably already know the names of the three starters for Generation 5. 

From left to right, names are Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott

Honestly, I don't mine the grass and fire starters name, but the water starter's name is very Japanese compared to the other two. Oh well. More importantly, what do you think?

009 Narwhals to Bi-Legged

This week SBJ and Aaron talk about Bi-Legged Pokémans. We also touch on how unicorns were mistaken for whales. We talk to you about the new starters evolutions, some reader e-mail, and how you can WIN a FREE PokéDex!

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