PKMN of the Week: Hitmontop

Looks like we're walking in on a battle that has just gotten underway.  On the field:  Hitmontop versus Cresselia.

Looks like Cresselia has her EVs in Speed and is getting the opportunity to go first.  She goes in for the quick knock out with Psychic.

It does not affect Hitmontop.

Hitmontop retaliates with Dark Pulse and Cresselia faints.  It's super effective!

The opponent next sends out Tornadus.  He's sure to get a KO on Hitmontop!

Tornadus keeps it safe with some Aerial Ace.  He lands a smack on our friend Hitmontop.


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Favorite Featured Dream Team

In lieu of a new Featured Team this week, I think it would be great if everyone posted their favorite 6 Pokémon. No moves, stats, or anything, just your dream team, even if it would be a horrible team.  I admire when SBJ went to Nationals last year, for VGC, because he didn't take a "normal" team but one with Pokémon that he liked.  I think that VGC Championships and increased competitive battling have made us sacrifice Pokémon we love with Pokémon who are "good" for competitve battling.  So please, go in the comments and list off your 6 Dream Team.  Also, my favorite post will be next week's Featured Team.

Mine is just as it says on my trainer page.  (My favorite type is Ice.)

1. Articuno (My favorite Pokémon since I first saw his sprite in Red.)

2. Arcanine (Who doesn't love a loyal puppy?)

3. Mamoswine

4. Weavile

5. Blastoise (#Blastoids?)

6. Zoroark



List names if you have them.  I've never named my Pokémon but I LOVE hearing names!

AOTW: Illusion

A few weeks ago, I posted in the PokéTalk forums asking you for topics for AOTW. A few folks responded, and this week we’re analyzing the first of your requests! If you played Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions, then you probably hurried your way to a GameStop last year to snag yourself some certain lustrous legendaries in hopes of cashing them in in Black and White for a Zoroark of your very own. Well, the figment-forming fox pokémon is privy to an Ability of its very own, and today we’re picking apart his prestidigitation! This is Ability of the Week: Illusion!
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054 Z as in Zoroark

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SBJ is joined by Wil and Travis. They sit down to talk about Zoroark month, as well as, some news regarding VGC stuff and TCG stuff. On top of that, we review another Featured Team and talk about voting stuff!

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Host: SBJ | Guests: Travis and Wil

053 O as in Old Friends

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SBJ brings some old friends back to the show. We talk about Zoroark month, new downloadable stuff, new Pokémon Wii game, and more. We touch on a Featured Team, as well as, Pokémon of the Week. Also, new shirt stuff and store stuff news to add. Enjoy!


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MOTW: Foul Play

Battling against nearly 25 or 30 people this last weekend for gym leader tryouts made me see a lot of what people are doing now-a-days to try and get an edge up in flat battles. I saw Stealth Rock combinations, the use of Toxic, burning moves, Trick Room, but one that really caught my eye, and worked particularly well against me with my heavy hitting team was Foul Play. It’s not to difficult of a move to understand, but lets go over it, shall we? 
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