PKMN of the Week: Whiscash

Cash money, baby, cash money.

So, folks, I had a pretty decent plan for VGC Nationals.  Yes, I was going to copy a little from my friend Gabe but I was also planning on throwing a little bit of my own spice in.  If you read my travelogue, you know that I wasn't able to get my intended team up and ready in time for Nationals.  Instead, I used my goofing team that I just fool around with.  Kind of surprising that I won twice, huh?

Over the next few weeks I will cover the Pokémon I used in VGC Nationals and indicate some changes I could have made that might have improved my chances.  The team I ended up with was Terrakion, Hydreigon, Volcarona, Whiscash, Zoroark, and Eelektross.  I've already covered Hydreigon, and he was actually one of my top performers, so you may want to look back for that article.  This week I am going to cover the Pokémon I named my team after:  Tickles the Whiscash.

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It seems as though people don’t even talk about it anymore, but Japan still needs our help, more than ever now! Exactly one month after the earthquake that started all this chaos, a 7.0 magnitude quake struck 100 miles north of Tokyo. This was only hours after the country had paid tribute to those killed only one month ago.

Yesterdays earthquake made conditions so much worst in Japan. Even if it didn’t happen yesterday, Japan would still be in trouble. Survives are still looking for young ones. Wreckage is all around and rebuilding will take more than a while. Nuclear power plants are struggling to get fixed and over 80,000 people who lived near them have been evacuated. 7,000 schools were damaged and thousands of kids are unable to return.

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AOTW: Levitate

What’s up, trainers? Giving you an easy one to sink your teeth into this week, an Ability I’m sure you’ve come across plenty of times. Literally the most common Ability in the game, this sucker weighs in with a whopping thirty-three pokémon capable of using it. Somebody page Link, we might need to borrow his Iron Boots. This is Ability of the Week: Levitate!
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MOTW (Move of the Week): Earthquake

Considered one of the most powerful moves in the video game, Earthquake has become one of the most widely used moves across the field of battle. You honestly can’t go wrong with choosing it to add to your team. Who doesn’t want a move that has 100 power and 100% accuracy? Well, I’m going to try and break down the do’s and dont’s of this super powerful move.

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Featured Team of the Week

Check out Wil's team over on the Featured Team page. He is using a couple Pokémon we haven't seen yet on the site, also using a very popular move that we are talking about later this week on the site, Earthquake. Again, give the Featured Team users some love and leave comments about how you like/hate their teams.