$1000 to Child's Play

We couldn't be happier with how 649 Monsters went. We sold over 50 pieces of work of the 80 that we show-cased for everyone in Milwaukee. 

With that being said, if 649 Monsters was to happen again... we'd love to hear about it in the comments. Even possible locations, themes, time frames etc. 

I think the questions I was mosted asked when people were leaving the gallery was...

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July Letter from SBJ

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I just got back for the National Pokémon Tournament last week. While there, I met a ton of Pokémon fans and some who knew about "It's Super Effective". This year I didn't play the video game. With 2 week prior to Nationals, I attempted to perfect my Vanilluxe/Vileplume/Victini deck for the TCG segment. Due to the slow nature of the deck, I lost 2 matches because of time alone. Overall, I was happy with my showing of 4 wins - 5 losses. Speaking of "It's Super Effective"...
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Shirt Contest

Remember on the podcast where we talked about having one of you guys design a shirt? Well... today is that day. You will be able to submit your designs to leftovers@me.com. We will take all the designs and and start the voting on Oct 31st! Voting will go for about a week and then the winner will have their shirt made. The winner will get 2 free shirts and a bundle package from us. Others will be able to pre-order the shirt once ready to ship.


• Keep colors under and/or around 6.  
• Do not use anything off Google, use your own artwork.
• Drawing PKMN will usually get denied, be more creative.
• Be careful will full art designs & wrapping around the shirt.
• Not every design will be picked for voting. Sorry in advance.

Rules can change at any time.

Please contact us if you have any questions.