Nyan Poké Shirt

Look at what dropped in our store!

This Pre-Order ONLY Slowpoke shirt is something you can only get from PKMNcast. They ship at the end of August! For the first time ever, they come in both Mens AND Womens shirts! These shirts will be included in the Worlds Bundles.

They are printed on Gildan shirts if you care to know brand. 

Support Team Whimsy Tackle and the site with these cool new shirts ! Any quesitons, please ask!

Nyan Shirt | Store Link

We also have a brand new hoodie in the store too!

Pre-Order Black and White

Amazon Pre-Order (No, we are not making any money off this, we are just excited!) Are you getting Black or White?Finally you can now Pre-Order Black and White off Amazon. Their release data may not be correct, but if you Pre-Order you lock your price in at $35. Also, Pre-Ordering on Amazon doesn't use any of your money. You pay in full when your item ships. Why have GameStop hold your $5 in their bank when it can sit in your bank. Last year Amazon did release day shipping, so let's hope they do it again come spring (of course they will). So exciting!

The Diglett Cave

I don't ever remember introducing the Diglett Cave to ya'll. The Diglett Cave  is the official Tumblr of the Pokémon Podcast. It is ment to be a place for thoughts and ideas for the site, that... well... haven't made it to the site yet. For example, I posted some wallpaper that didn't make it onto this site. Also, some music is posted there for some who care to know the rough stuff that is being worked on for the podcasts. It's pretty much the dirty and unclean material that hasn't matured enough to come over here. Check it out to hear a sample of the Theme music to our new Video Podcast: Critical Hit.

Oh yeah, and if you PRE-ORDER a shirt, you'll get a FREE gift with it. We rock.

Hello, Poli-Shirt!

Finally! After months of talking about exclusive Pokémon Shirts, we finally have some made! You can jump over to our very basic store and pre-order one! All Pre-Orders will ship on December 16th. Right before the holidays. So you can get your shirt in time for Christmas (a good gift). Now these shirts are limited to 100... so in other words... once they are gone, they are gone. 

Here is the official description:

The first Official PKMN Podcast Shirt. This is limited to 100. The shirt was inspired by the swirl on Poliwhirl's/Poliwrath's belly. Now you too can have a swirl of awesomeness on your belly.

IMPORTANT: Right now we are taking PRE-ORDERS. Your shirt will ship on Thursday, December 16, 2010. We get full stock on that Wednesday. Be one of the first people to get one!

To take care of this shirt properly, please wash it inside out. Do not put it in the dryer, hang dry preferred. 

These shirts have nothing to do with Nintendo and/or the Pokémon Company. All the design work is custom artwork made by Steve Black Jr. © All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to @LLbrettJ for modeling it!