Concept Corner Monochrome: The Plasma Manifesto

Look at him prancing. Truly, the righteous king of Unova.Across our years of Pokemon, we've seen several evil orginizations causing trouble. There was Team Rocket, a sort of criminal underground of Kanto. There were teams Aqua and Magma, two warring factions with ideals that were both different and similar. Then there was Team Galactic, a more tyrannical orginization, more closely dedicated to their leader, Cyrus, and his ideals. In this way, Team Galactic is very similar to this weeks topic: Team Plasma. Before we begin, let me warn all of my lovely readers: SPOILERS, SPOILERS, OH MY GOD SPOILERS. We have a lot to cover today, and I plan to go fully and completely in-depth. So if you're at pretty much ANY point before the end of the game, stop reading this right now. *looks around* are you gone yet? Good.
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