Yesterday was the an anniversary of the Japan earthquake that hit on March 11th, killing countless people and leaving Japan in a state of wreck.

It seems as though people don’t even talk about it anymore, but Japan still needs our help, more than ever now! Exactly one month after the earthquake that started all this chaos, a 7.0 magnitude quake struck 100 miles north of Tokyo. This was only hours after the country had paid tribute to those killed only one month ago.

Yesterdays earthquake made conditions so much worst in Japan. Even if it didn’t happen yesterday, Japan would still be in trouble. Survives are still looking for young ones. Wreckage is all around and rebuilding will take more than a while. Nuclear power plants are struggling to get fixed and over 80,000 people who lived near them have been evacuated. 7,000 schools were damaged and thousands of kids are unable to return.

They need help guys, more than any of us think! The Pokémon Podcast has made a new t-shirt design in order to help Japan. It simple states “pkmncast; Japan Recovery: Proceeds went to relief efforts” and the front has what happened between Japan and the ocean, one month ago, in Pokémon battle style. The money earned will go directly to help Japan and you get a snazzy tee out of it! So where can you go wrong? You get a tee-shirt and are helping a good cause! My brother (steveblackjr) runs the site and I help him (along with many other people who are on Tumblr) so I can honestly say that the money will be going to the relief program and none of it is for us. They really need our help guys, so please buy a shirt and if you have any questions, please leave them in my ask. Even if you don’t like Pokémon, this shirt will make a great gift or even just wear it as pajamas! Also reblogs are very appreciated to get the word around! The people of Tumblr has done so much to help others in need, and I know we can do it now!