MOTW - Nature Power

Hiya guys, how are you all doing? This is your friend Kenny here coming to you from PKMNcast Headquarters coming at you with another Move of the Week! I figured that today, rather than talking about some boring competitive move, I'd go over a more unique and, let's be honest here, fun move. Today we are taking a look at Nature Power!

To explain it in a unique way, I would say that Nature Power is kinda like the middle school kid who doesn't exactly know where they belong so, rather than trying to find out who they are, they try to fit in EVERYWHERE. Nature Power is a move that varies based upon the terrain that you are currently using as a battleground. When used, you will be informed that "Nature Power turned into ____!" meaning that Nature Power actually transforms into a different move.  The types of terrain change from game to game, but we will be taking a look at the Gen V games as they are the current standard.

There are seven different kinds of terrain, meaning that Nature Power has the ability to turn into seven different attacks and in this generation all of the attacks are actually pretty good. The Nature Power terrain effects are as follows:

Plain White Terrain - Tri Attack

Sand Terrain AND Link Battle Terrain - Earthquake

Grass Terrain - Seed Bomb

Cave Terrain AND Rugged/Rock Terrain (Brown in the middle with green outline) - Rock Slide

Ice Terrain - Ice Beam

Water (Surfing) Terrain - Hydro Pump

Puddle Terrain - Mud Bomb


Please note that, as stated, when you are fighting another human player that Nature Power will turn into Earthquake. If you want a personal opinion, I think that it's kind of a bummer that the move does that as Tri Attack is a very fun and versatile move and if you were using a Sawsbuck it would gain STAB on the already nice 80. That's just what this editor thinks though.

Strategy-wise, you could use Nature Power to your advantage. Note that Shiftry, Ludicolo, Sawsbuck, Vileplume, Bellossom, Exeggutor, Sunflora, Cherrim, and their respective evolutionary lines CANNOT learn Earthquake through any means whatsoever. You could bypass this by teaching them Nature Power if you so choose. Yes, many of these Pokémon are not Physical Attackers, but some of them (such as Sawsbuck) could utilize the powerful Ground-Type move rather decently.

Whelp, that just about does it for this edition of MOTW. I hope that I could inform and entertain you all with this article! Tune in next time for another look at another move!