MOTW: Round

Hiya, Trainers! As always, my name is Kenny and welcome to Move of the Week! Today we're looking at an interesting yet rarely used move; Round!

Round is a Normal-Type Special Category move. It sports a Base Power of 60, an Accuracy of 100%, and a PP of 15 (Max 24). Now, you'd think that with a mediocre Base Power of 60 that there would be some secondary effect. Does it have a chance of causing a status effect? Nope. Well maybe it effects a stat like Snarl does? Hmm, sorry but no dice. Well at this point you're probably thinking that there just must not be anything special about it at all. Well, while that may be true in Single Battles, Round shines in Double and Triple Battles! When a Pokémon uses Round, it starts out with its 60 Base Power. If another Pokémon on your team uses Round in the same turn, however, two things will happen. First off, it will immediately go after your first Round-user regardless of Speed. Second, it doubles the Base Power of Round to an astonishing 120! Wow, now THAT is an impressive number! Sure, Round may not be the most widely-used move and it definitely isn't the best move around. But hey, it's definitely worth a shot. 

Thinking about using it? Well you'll be happy to know that any Pokémon capable of learning TM moves is capable of learning Round! One suggestion would be to use a faster Special Attacker - some basic suggestions include Jolteon or Alakazam - and follow it up with a Pokémon with a high Sp.Atk stat but who also might not be so fast - Reuniclus comes to mind - and you'll have yourself a nice Round combo. 

Well, that's it for this edition of Move of the Week! I honestly had a lot of fun writing this one, so I really hope that you guys like it too. Stay strong, Trainers!