Rare Article: 3 Moves You Should Consider

Smiley face Back in the B.T. era of PKMNcast (I split our history up by "B.T." and "A.T," which stand for "Before Travis" and "Ano Travini," respectively,) SBJ wrote one of this site's most popular articles, Pokémon You Should Consider. I've set out to write a similar spiel but with the focus changed to underrated moves, being one without any genuinely unique ideas of my own. I suppose in that way I'm like the Avatar of PKMNcast.

BOOM. TAKE THAT, JAMES CAMERON! Just kidding, J.C. Please give me your money and your weird undersea exploratory vessels.

With that out of the way, let's look at some underrated moves, shall we?
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MOTW - Nature Power

Hiya guys, how are you all doing? This is your friend Kenny here coming to you from PKMNcast Headquarters coming at you with another Move of the Week! I figured that today, rather than talking about some boring competitive move, I'd go over a more unique and, let's be honest here, fun move. Today we are taking a look at Nature Power!

To explain it in a unique way, I would say that Nature Power is kinda like the middle school kid who doesn't exactly know where they belong so, rather than trying to find out who they are, they try to fit in EVERYWHERE. Nature Power is a move that varies based upon the terrain that you are currently using as a battleground. When used, you will be informed that "Nature Power turned into ____!" meaning that Nature Power actually transforms into a different move.  The types of terrain change from game to game, but we will be taking a look at the Gen V games as they are the current standard.


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Who Likes HMs?

Who Likes HMs?

HMs are the annoying little brother in your Pokémon life. You can’t throw them out because you need to rely and depend on them. So because HMs are so dumb... well dumb is a harsh word... let’s say... HMs can be greatly improved (a more positive look) we are going to complain about them and tell you what we would like.

First off, there was Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, and Flash. In generation uno, these HMs could not be forgotten once taught to your Pokémon. So most Trainers got stuck with their Pikachu knowing Flash... or their Bulbasaur knowing Cut the entire game.

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The Frozen Side of Things

This article is as cold as ice. Your willing to read to sacrifice... 

I’m not entirely sure what your going to sacrifice during this read, but hopefully that corny intro got your attention to this week’s Rare Article. Today we are going to keep it simple and talk about Ice Moves. We are going to do the whole top 5 of our favorites and this article will kick off the NEW move of the week feature that will begin next Wednesday and continue on every Wednesday. Woot!

There are 15 Ice moves in the games currently...

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Breeding 101: Expanding on the Basics

Pokémon breeding is like a sandwich.  Right now we have two pieces of bread and some meat.  You can eat this sandwich as is, but I assure you that some lettuce and tomato will make this thing taste about 50 times better.  Today we add some lettuce to our sandwich.

Warm Eggs = Happy Eggs

Every Pokémon takes a different number of steps to hatch from its egg.  For example, the Lapras from last week would take approximately 10455 steps to hatch.  A baby Cubone on the other hand will hatch in approximately 5355 steps.  You can find out how many steps it takes to hatch your Pokémon by searching for your Pokémon on Bulbapedia.  It will list cycles and steps in the breeding section of the information card on the page.
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Breeding 101: Setting the Mood

Tonight is going to be perfect. Fresh out of the shower you don your favorite silk robe and slink downstairs to light a fire. The smell of scented candles fills the room as you pop open a bottle of wine. You put in your mom's favorite Barry White CD and the mood is set. It is time for some Pokémon breeding. If you have ever caught two wild Pokémon of the same species, you have probably noticed that they have wildly varying stats, natures, and characteristics; even if caught at the same level. Your brand new Lapras might have a perfect Defense stat, but with below average HP and Special Defense, you are missing out on the full potential of your Pokémon. This is where the magic of breeding can help you!
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