PKMN of the Week: Golduck

PKMN of the Week is feeling a little under the weather right now (probably because of all the little gals and bros at Pokémon League) so we're going to keep it short.  I'll have to call on a Pokémon with Cloud Nine ability to negate all weather effects.

Earlier today a chill bro asked me for some advice on communicating with the ladies.  Of course, this is like asking a peanut farmer for advice on raising cane but I did the best I could.  From my perspective, chicks are like chill bros except they have like, emotions and stuff.  This puts me in mind of super Pokémon Golduck.


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074 Decaf and DNA Faced (C2E2)

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074 Decaf and DNA Faced is the live show from the 2012 C2E2. David and SBJ had over 80 people to present to. This is the audio only version. Video version coming soon. We talk about Japanese Folklore and answer audience questions. BIG THANKS to everyone who came out!!

Host: SBJ and David

Four Pokémon You Should Consider: Part II

Exactly one year ago today I posted one of PKMNcast's most famous artilces. Some say that it's the article that put us on the Google map. Well... I thought today would be a great follow up to that article since their are over 600 Pokémon now. Honestly, it's been over 6 months since I wrote an article myself. Sure, I post letters for you guys to read about the site and how all of you are awesome, but I think it's time to get my keyboard dirty again... at least for today.
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Concept Corner: Yokai (Or "Oh Jesus I'll never look at Golduck the same way again")

Yokai. Oooooohhhhhhhh boy...With that out of the way, let's begin. Yokai are a class of supernatural beings in Japanese mythology, ranging across a huge number of creatures from the commonly-known Ogre to lesser-known ones such as the Yuki-Onna, which those of you who read my mythology article from a while ago may remember as the basis for Froslass. Yokai are powerful creatures, usually bearing great supernatural abilities. Yokai often posess objects or bear animal-like appearences to conceal themselves from humans, making them an excellent leaping-off point for a surprisingly large number of Pokemon. Today we talk about some of those Yokai, as well as touching upon the Pokemon created from them. Before I begin, let me give some words of warning. While I work hard to keep these articles G or at least PG, the nature of Yokai mythology is a bit gruesome. If you are easily disgusted or offended, this may not be the best choice of reading material. Extremely violent tendencies are very common in Yokai, and I feel I would be leaving interesting material oiut by not including this. Anyway, with that, it's time to suspend some disbelief and jump in!
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AOTW: Cloud Nine and Air Lock

Weather effects on the field are some of my favorite additions to the basic formula of monster wrangling and battling laid down in the classic Pokemon Red and Blue Versions. Each one has its own unique properties, and in some cases, can be the crux of a team’s strategy. But hey, to each his own, and maybe you’re not like me and hate weather effects! Who am I to tell you you’re wrong, even though you are? There are a few pokémon in the game who can totally negate a weather effect without spending a single PP, such is the nature of the mighty passive Ability. May as well put away the raincoats- this is Ability of the Week: Cloud Nine AND Air Lock!

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