PotW: Ferrothorn

He's big, he's bad, and he makes a great Gyro-Baller. He's topped the usage charts at Smogon, and will no-doubt be a huge contender at this year's VGCs National and World Championships. He is Ferrothorn, and he's taken the Pokemon World by storm.

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: Ferrothorn is good. With really low Speed, reasonably high Attack, and REALLY high defenses, Ferrothorn can make a good Curse/Gyroballer, as well as a great Leech Seed/Protect wall. His Ability, Iron Barbs, makes the opponent take damage every time they hit Ferrothorn with a physical attack. This, coupled with Rocky Helmet, means that more often than not, you'll be doing more damage to them than they are to you, just by using passive, on-hit effects.

I've decided to give you double the dose of strategic ananlysis in today's article, providing you with two movesets, one for a Defensive Ferrothorn, and one Offensive. Both of these options are competitively viable, and the one you choose is strictly up to you to fit nicely into your team composition. Let's start the competitive portion of the article with Ferrothorn's Defensive set.

Stealth Rock, Gyro Ball, Protect, Leech Seed

EVs: 252 HP/252 Sp Def/4 Whatever


This set allows Ferrothorn to take hits while he sets up Rocks and Leech Seed, and then just Protect Stall/Gyro Ball his way to victory. Not much else to say here other than that. Note: If you want to make friends, don't use this set. It's amazing, but really frustrating to battle. I'm kidding about the friends thing, but this set is super-annoying.

And the offensive set goes a little something like this:

Curse, Gyro Ball, Iron Defense, Power Whip

EVs: 252 Attack/252 Sp Def/4 Whatever


This set makes this big, mean, defensive Pokemon a formidible physical attacker. After a few curses, Ferro's already low speed is low enough and his already high attack is high enough to make Gyro Ball an almost unstoppable attack. Iron Defense and Power Whip are essentially useless on this set, but are thrown in in case something resists Steel. (Shout out to my friend Johnny for making me aware of this set, as well as suggesting Ferrothorn for this PotW)

Well, now that I've told you about Ferrothorn's impressive competitive ability, I'm sure you're wondering: What the heck is that thing? Well, I've got Bulbapedia has your answer! "It appears to be based on a durian plants. Its vines resemble military flails. The vines also resemble a fully-grown brier plant, just as its unevolved form resembles a seed."

Yeah, what he said.

Well, anyway, thanks for reading this week's Pokemon of the Week, and I hope you enjoyed my first time on the show (which should be released some time soon). Hit me up on Twitter and email me at DavEdwTho@gmail.com for all your suggestions for Pokemon of the Week!