Rustling Grass - Episode 002

Rustling Grass Episode 002: Poli-Rob

What's Your Favorite Pokemon: My Favourite Pokemon seems to change as often as my underwear (which is often, honest) but if I were to really think about it then I would probably choose Lucario. To me, he is probably the coolest looking Pokemon. His design is awesome and I love his typing. Since I first had him in Pearl he has been a mainstay in my teams, even earning the captains armband (soccer reference). 

What Was Your First Pokemon Experience: I remember Pokemon RED/BLUE came out a little over a week before my 14th Birthday and only wanted one present. I went into my town centre and got red and a Gameboy Color (which I still have). I played it instantly. I was hooked from the moment I put my name in! And I have played ever since. 

What's Your Favorite Pokemon Game: Pokemon Black. I love all of the games for there own reasons, but it wasn't until the 5th gen that I started taking breeding and battling seriously. There isn't a huge Pokemon community in England, especially if you don't go online. But through the people in the 'Its Super Effective' community, Twitter and other Pokemon focused podcasts/communities, I have found this other level of enjoyment from the games that I never really had before.  Additionally the story is solid and really through a curve ball at the fans with the things that Team Plasma where saying. This is subject to change when Black/White 2 comes out though!  

Name a One of a Kind Experience Involving Pokemon: There is only one thing I can talk about when thinking of a 'one of a kind' Pokemon experience and that's my engagement. I surprised my girlfriend with a trip to London, 4 star hotel, the works, with the sole purpose to pop the question. But I wanted to do it in a unique way that was very me. So I set about breeding 6 Luvdisc, 3 female, 3 male, and I named them 'Lauren', 'Cummings', 'Will', 'You', 'Marry', 'Me'. I set them to my team, and in the hotel room I asked her to see what she thought of my team, gave her the 3DS, and got down on one knee with ring in hand! Luckily she said yes! What was also awesome and made me geek out like never before is when I posted a picture of the proposal on Twitter I got a ReTweet and a Reply for the main man himself, Junichi Masuda!

What's Your Favorite Battle Style: Being relatively new to competitive battling I'm still finding my feet, but I'm definitely more attack focused. I have a trick room team that I love, but it needs tweaks, and I am planning a sun team which I have high hopes for. Fortunately there are plenty of people willing to help me test teams and give me a kicking! lolEven though I got Pokemon Red, Squirtle was my first Pokemon. Ever since then my starter for my first play through of each new game has always been the water starter. 

If not Playing Pokémon, What Are You Doing: I have a Pokemon project where I try to get pictures of myself doing Pokemon moves whilst wearing 'Its Super Effectives' PoliShirt, that I call Project PoliRob. I post the pictures on Twitter and its a lot of fun (@roberthouse1985 if you want to see them). Outside of Pokemon all together though I am a film Buff and have a collection of films in the thousands. I often assist at a local support group for people with mental illnesses like Schizophrenia and Depression, which is a cause very close to my heart. I am also due to go back to University and will be doing a second degree course, this time to become an ODP (Operating Department Practicioner) - someone who assists surgeons and preforms minor surgery. Just call me a Nurse Joy in training. Actually don't. But most importantly I'm a Dad of 2 wonderful little girls who will one day conquer the Pokemon world! 

Pichu or Cleffa: Pichu, no contest. So much cuter!