PotW: Lileep (Kenny Edition)

One hundred million years ago, an ancient creature esided on the murky depths of the seafloor, eagerly awaiting any unsuspecting prey that might so happen to swim by. The wait was usually long and harsh, but well worth it. When something did happen to swim by, this creature of the depths hungrily extended its tentacle-like petals, grabbed the little morsel, and devoured it whole. Although this may sound like the premise to some horror movie I am, as a matter of fact, speaking of this week's Pokémon of the week; Lileep! Bet you never saw the cute little Rock/Grass Type in such a sinnister light, huh?

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AOTW: Suction Cups

Hello, trainers! I’m back from my brief sabbatical with a new Ability of the Week. If you missed my post on PokéTalk, I was on vacation with my girlfriend over Valentine’s, then came home to a simply gargantuan amount of hours at my day job, and just couldn’t get around to writing up an article. So I apologize for the unscheduled break, and back to the Ability-learning!

Last time we discussed the most common Ability in the game, Levitate. This week, we’re going to the opposite end of the spectrum, with one of the most obscure Abilities, though not a monster-exclusive like Motor Drive. And appropriately enough, where the last Ability was all about keeping you off the ground, this week is about keeping your feet firmly planted. Stand your ground, folks- this is Ability of the Week: Suction Cups!

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