PotW: Lileep (Kenny Edition)

One hundred million years ago, an ancient creature esided on the murky depths of the seafloor, eagerly awaiting any unsuspecting prey that might so happen to swim by. The wait was usually long and harsh, but well worth it. When something did happen to swim by, this creature of the depths hungrily extended its tentacle-like petals, grabbed the little morsel, and devoured it whole. Although this may sound like the premise to some horror movie I am, as a matter of fact, speaking of this week's Pokémon of the week; Lileep! Bet you never saw the cute little Rock/Grass Type in such a sinister light, huh?

Although Lileep used to be relatively common in the beds of various seas they have since become extinct, seemingly for unkown reasons. Perhaps their methods of acquiring prey weren't efficient enough? Maybe other, more agressive Pokémon such as Carvanha or Sharpedo came into the scene and wiped them out? Unfortunately, not much light has been shed on why the Sea Lilly Pokémon no longer exists in large numbers in the dark depths of the water. In fact, this Pokémon, along with its evolved form, Cradily has been completely wiped out! Fortunately, modern technology has allowed scientists to revive this ancient seaweed-like Pokémon for trainers to use.

Trainers who decide to use this fossil will realize that it fights just like it used to eat; by sticking to the ground with its Suction Cups (although with the recent adition of the Dream World it no longer exclusively has this ability), whittling down its opponents with a medley of attacks that make use of its own digestive system such as Acid, Gastro Acid, and Spit Up, and using its high Defense and Special Defense stats to brace itself for a counter-attack.  

Well that about covers it for this edition of "Pokémon of the Week". Until next time, Trainers!