PKMN of the Week: Terrakion

I have owned my home for about ten years now.  It's a nice one bedroom condo on the second floor of a six unit building - basically I have one family below me and one family above me.  Most of the years I have lived here have been quiet.  The condo below mine is usually empty and the one above me was occupied by an older woman.

Then the older woman moved out and Rolling Thunder moved in.
In human development, when children first learn to walk they lack the grace and finesse that we, as adults, exercise in moving across a room.  The value of each individual step's success far outweighs the artistry of, say, not stomping everywhere you go.  She's about one and a half years old and two feet high but I think she must weigh about 200 pounds (that's about 14.25 stone for those of you with even less useful systems of measurement).  Stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp.  I know when Rolling Thunder wakes up in the morning and when she goes to bed at night - all other hours are a constant stream of pounding assaults on the peace and serenity of my home.  Some days I feel like Frank Grimes.
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PKMN of the Week: Magcargo

The first time I came across this particular pokémon I didn't think it was "real."  I distinctly remember (because it was two months ago), I was sitting on my brother's couch reviewing his old (i.e., worthless) pokémon trading cards with my four year old nephew.  My nephew pulled it out of the stack to show me.

"What's this one, Uncle Willy?" he asked.

"I don't know, I've never seen that one before."

Seriously.  I thought it was some kind of aberration.  A pokémon that had to have been made up only for the trading card game.  I took the time to look this guy up on Bulbapedia and was surprised to see that he had been introduced in Generation II.  I had played Pokémon Gold!

The second time I saw this guy was in the anime episode "Some Like it Hot."  Really?  an entire episode devoted to this most forgettable of pokémon?  He's so bad I even forgot he existed at all!?  Geez.  That episode didn't even have particularly good plot.  An oversized one was blocking the path Ash, Brock, and Misty were taking so they needed someone to capture it.  There you go.

Oh well - since we are done covering all of the 600+ level competitive pokémon, it's time for a palette cleanser - Magcargo.

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PKMN of the Week: Tyranitar

Whenever I delve into the world of online dating (far too often for my own good health) the conversation inevitably turns to my stats.  The guys all want to know how high my max HP has gotten, whether I have IVs in Attack and Special Attack, where all of my EV training has gone.  Unfortunately, I'm more of a wall than a sweeper, IVs are in Defense and Special Defense, and my nature is anything but jolly.  When the guys learn my stats they quickly lose interest.

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PotW: Lileep (Kenny Edition)

One hundred million years ago, an ancient creature esided on the murky depths of the seafloor, eagerly awaiting any unsuspecting prey that might so happen to swim by. The wait was usually long and harsh, but well worth it. When something did happen to swim by, this creature of the depths hungrily extended its tentacle-like petals, grabbed the little morsel, and devoured it whole. Although this may sound like the premise to some horror movie I am, as a matter of fact, speaking of this week's Pokémon of the week; Lileep! Bet you never saw the cute little Rock/Grass Type in such a sinnister light, huh?

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MOTW: Roar

Roar, Yea, bet you didn’t see that one comin’ did you? Either as a featured article or a move you’d see in battle, Roar is definitely one of the more rare ones you’ll see out there. I’m curious as to why? It’s a phenomenal move that can seriously throw off your opponent. Over half of all Pokemon can actually learn it, and it’s more effective then you’d think...


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MOTW: Stealth Rock

Like a ninja in the night, here’s Stealth Rock dropping a bomb on your team building strategies. It has become a very strategic and interesting topic amongst professional battling, and has been considered even to be banned based on how ridiculous it is. Entire teams and strategies can be built around this one move, and I’m going to try and sum up what it can all do for you, or what it can do TO you in a battle scenario.

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PKMN of the Week: Eevee

This week we are leading up to our all Eevee podcast episode!

 Fun Fact: Fans have come up with a term to refer to all Pokémon which evolve from Eevee: Eeveelutions.

It is known to evolve into one of seven different Pokémon by various methods.

Source: Bulbapeida