022 Pokemon Black Version

Today SBJ teams up with GeorgieBoy and Matt to talk about Catie's Featured team. While Bulbasuars may pop up a little more in this epsiode, we have a great intermission song, a bit of news, and we talk about Magmar. We also have a very cool YouTube guest.

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Matt and GeorgieBoy and Brett
Interview w/ D'Andre from Black Man Loves Pokémon
Strong Language

Catie - Our New Editor

We are absolutely pleased to introduce Catie as our new Saturday Sketch Editor. Her job will focus on getting amazing Pokémon Fan Art for you guys every Saturday. You may know Catie from the last couple episodes of "It's Super Effective". I'm so please that Catie is a part of this team, and if everything goes correctly, you can expect to see Catie at the Midwest Gaming Classic this upcoming March. 

Give a warm welcome to our newest Team Member!