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So your probably curious why there hasn't been content this week? Well don't worry. We have a big episode of Critical Hit coming this Friday for you to watch, if you can't watch, then we turned that version into an Audio Version for episode 028. This episode we will announce the winners of the Pikachu Contest. 

Also, there has been some crazy snow here, so I've been so busy with other stuff. We have some big, cool changes coming along with new shirts coming too!

Still try to love us, please!


Welcome our NEW Editor: Acciolove

If everything would have went smooth last night, episode 021 would have been up by now. In that episode we congratulated Sarah, aka acciolove, about becoming an editor. Whoooo! Yet, we have to re-record episode 021 again tonight. No big deal.

Acciolove is our new Pokémon Facts Editor. She will be providing fact about Pokémon stuff that you may not even know about. Sarah is our youngest editor, and if you read her bio, she is also my sister. After a couple months of begging me to be an editor, she came to me with the idea of doing weekly facts. Her first article is pretty awesome. I hope you guys enjoy what Sarah has to bring to the table, and everyone welcome her with open arms. 

-Steve (aka sbj)
Bug Catcher and Editor in Chief

Pardon Our Dust

Hey Everyone!

I guess some new features of the site went early today. If you haven't noticed our new Pokéball side bar, which follows you down the page. If you get an urge to click that Twitter Ball, it will always be by your side. 

I just wanted to say that this has been one tough month to keep content going, but we thank you all for supporting the site and visiting us daily, weekly, or some of you... hourly. 

Episode 020 will be going live this week, hopefully your all caught up because we even have plans for 021 to follow pretty shortly after. 

I also want to thank everyone that still sends in for Featured Team, don't worry, yours will be posted in the order we get them in at, please don't hesitate to send your Team in if you haven't.

Also, I just got the first official shirt in, and I think we will announce and show tonight at midnight... I mean... if you guys want? Let me know in the comments!

FINALLY, the last thing I want to mention is that the site will be down tonight at around 1AM and most of the morning tomorrow for some changes. Good changes. I apologize that the Video Podcast got pushed back a week or two, but I had to prioritize since this week had some unexpected Bulbasaurs. 

With that being said... please stay tuned for more AWESOME to come!

Pokémon Master