Eeveelutions: Umbreon

Thursday -Vaporeon

Friday - Jolteon

Monday - Flareon

Tuesday - Espeon

Wednesday - Umbreon

Thursday - Leafeon 

Friday - Glaceon 

A little late for today's Eeveelution, but this one loves the Dark, so a morning posting wouldn't of fit. Right? Well that's my story and I am sticking to it. 

You want to know about Umbreon... well... first... it evolves from happiness at night. The opposite of Espeon. Night and Day... get it. Umbreon is the moonlight Pokémon, and it's ability is Synchronize, which, will pass on status problems. If you really care about this Eeveelution, Umbreon is the tallest out of all the other Eevees.  

Umbreon rocks the Special Defense, followed by, regular Defense. While I've seen Umbreon as an attack, it's best used as a Defensive Pokémon. For those gun-ho on making their Umbreon's attacks, look into these moves: Giga Impact, Dream Eater, Last Resort, and Shadow Ball. Let's focus on defense. Umbreon can pull off a Mean Look and Toxic Combo. While that is happening, you can follow up with doing Moonlight to get your health back. You can also slow your opponent down with a Confuse Ray, as well as throwing in a Guard Swap too. Guard Swap will switch your numbers around between Special Defense and Defense. That's a big difference if your versing an Alakazam, but then a Snorlax is sent out, for example. 

Umbreon and Espeon go hand in hand, but they are quite different then Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. We have two more Eeveelutions to go. Are the best for last?

Let's focus on the topic right now, are you the dark-type that would choose Umbreon?

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