Rare Article: Why You Should be Afraid, Very Afraid of Keldeo

I'm Keldeo, and I'm here to destroy you.Let's get it out of the way right here. We all know that Keldeo looks like a My Little Pony. Under that cutesy guise, however, is an extremely formidable Pokémon that can rip right through you if you're not careful. Let's take a closer look at Keldeo.

Just looking at base stats, Keldeo doesn't look that spectacular. Sure, it's Sp. Attack is quite high, but it's frail as well. But hold your effeminate horse warriors, folks.
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PKMN of the Week: Tyranitar

Whenever I delve into the world of online dating (far too often for my own good health) the conversation inevitably turns to my stats.  The guys all want to know how high my max HP has gotten, whether I have IVs in Attack and Special Attack, where all of my EV training has gone.  Unfortunately, I'm more of a wall than a sweeper, IVs are in Defense and Special Defense, and my nature is anything but jolly.  When the guys learn my stats they quickly lose interest.

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