Concept Corner: Man-made Monsters

Man-made Pokemon are much more prominent than we realize. There's Golett and Golurk, created by an ancient civilization to protect their city, Grimer and Trubbish, spawned from pollution and chemical alterations, and, of course, Mewtwo, a genetically modified clone of the legendary Pokemon Mew. And that's our topic this week on Concept Corner, so jump in!
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Concept Corner Announcement

Greetings, ladies and gents. I have an announcement to make, related to my beloved Concept Corner. The final Monochrome article, which I mentioned at the end of my last article as being about the most popular generation V Pokemon, will not be happening. The reason for this is that, honestly, tehre isn't much to write about there. And so, wishing to deliver a better article, I'm sad to say that Monochrome will end with the legendary Pokemon article. I don't think that's a bad place to end, I'm just sorry to do so so abruptly. HOWEVER, Concept Corner will, of course, continue. There will be a new article up by the end of the day. Sorry for the slight delay, it's been a long weekend and a long day today.


Thanks for understanding, yall. :)

~Jay Petrequin, IatosHaunted

Concept Corner Monochrome: Of Tao and Trios

Image chosen due to pure awesomeness.Legendary Pokemon. The mythical gods of the Pokemon world. My favorite topic. Oh, we're going to have some fun today. Legendary Pokemon are, of course, the poster children of the games, dating back to Gold and Silver with Ho-oh and Lugia. We've seen diferrent themes in how the legendaries were handled over the years. In gen 1, the birds were really just treated as bonuses, with little to no explination, and Mewtwo is explained only through optional reading in Pokemon Mansion. Gen 2 gave us a little more, giving us backstory to the beast trio and Lugia and Ho-oh. Gen 3's legendaries are considered very residential to their region, the main trio holding ties to its creeation. Similar in gen 4, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina are considered as much more omnipotent, due to the magnification and scope of their powers. The other legendaries are revered in the same way. Generation 5 is diferrent, because the legendary Pokemon here are thought of a little differently. They are not thought of as gods, but rather as familiars, just with greater powers than most other Pokemon. This is meant to reflect the message of harmony and coexistence seen throughout Black and White, through the interactions between legendary Pokemon and people in Unova's history. The Musketeer trio protected humans from disaster in olden times, and the story of the heroes of Unova tells of humans and Pokemon joining forces to imrpove the world. However you view our favorite ultra ball targets, they still make for great discussion. And so I give you the legendary Pokemon Unova has to offer. And just a note, the only event legendary we'll be discussing is Keledo, due to his ties to the Musketeer trio. I'm saving the other two for another article.
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Concept Corner Monochrome: The people who fight you and give you stuff

Monochrome: The People Who Fight You and Give You Stuff
Oh, the shippinz.
I love characters in Pokemon. Whether it’s your rivals, from the rich spoiled jock Gary to energetic and ambitious Barry, or the champions, from heroic and courageous Lance you mysterious and knowledgeable Cynthia, all of the characters in Pokemon fit well into their places. This generation, we saw characters get more development than ever before. We see Bianca struggle to find a path in life while dealing with her father’s disapproval, the ever going saga of Cheren’s quest to become stronger, and even the gym leaders seem to have more substance, with gyms doubling as things like restaurants and roller coasters. The supporting characters of Pokemon deserve to be written about, so that’s what shall be done! 


Before we jump into this, let me warn you that this will be another spoiler-filled article. Ejecting all who have not finished the game in 3...2...1. *katchunk* 


Okay, so without further ado, let’s get started!
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Concept Corner Monochrome: The Unovian landscape

A whole new wooooooorrrllllld...Well, my fellow Black/White obsessors, here we are again, to talk about an aspect of the positively fergalicious new games we have been given by the gods of gaming at Nintendo. Black and White, like all new generational installments of the series, gives us a new region to nerd over(yes, nerd is now a verb). Let us do so now. If you haven't finished the game yet and don't want the entire world of the games ruined for you, turn back; here there be spoiler monsters. But don't worry, those who have only just finished defeating N for the final time, the only specific areas I'll be discussing are those found before completing the game.
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Concept Corner Monochrome: The starters of Black & White

Well, guys, here we are at last. Black and White are out, and all(or at least most) of us are enjoying them, and you're probably playing your game as you read this.(Don't worry, it's okay, I'm level-grinding as I write) Now, these games are obviously huge, but we're going to start small. We're going to be looking at the starters of Unova, and some of the Pokemon encountered early on in the game. So, let's jump into Unova!
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