Shattered Gemstones Chapter 18: Valley of Symbols

I’m an only child. I’ve never really felt like anyone’s “big brother”. I was always just my dad’s son and student, and didn’t really have anyone else to call family. I don’t know how I would act with a sibling. I used to wonder what it would be like. I like to think we would get along, but I don’t really know, of course.

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Shattered Gemstones chapter 17: The Silent Boy and the Night

This week on Shattered Gemstones! Jacob gives us a look into his brain as the group prepares to venture north, into the great unknown. Jacob has a plan for himself, and acts as if he knows his own destiny, but how will his companions come into play? Find out! ...On another note, as you probably noticed, updates are happening on Fridays from now on. Just so as not to clash with William's amazing Pokemon of the Week articles!

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Shattered Gemstones Chapter 16: The Wise Girl and the Forest

I sit up, surveying my surroundings. I’ve been sleeping in one of the many big tents they have set up in town, to act as a home base. This morning, we get our first assignments. Last night, when signing in, I had asked to be sent as an explorer. The sooner I get out of here, the better.

Falling asleep last night was hell. The longer I laid there, the more I thought about Damian, and what we had said to each other. Damian was forced to see the harsh reality, that the person he thought I was never really existed at all. And he reacted by abandoning me. I can honestly say I didn’t see that coming, but I should have. I should have known this new information would be too much on him.

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Shattered September!

Hey, boys and girls! It's your freindly neighborhood spider-Jay. I know it's been a few months since the end of Shattered Gemstones' first season, and you have fair reason to ask why. But fear not! For today I bring you something new. A little bit of build-up I'm calling Shattered September.

Shattered Gemstones season 2: A Vast and Fertile Wasteland will be starting on September 24th, but I don't intend to leave you all with nothing until then. Quite the contrary, in fact. Shattered September is a blog which will be updating daily to semi-daily with new concept art, previews, excerpts from chapters, my own thoughts on the series, and a new side-story each Monday. The blog can be found at, so follow that baby on tumblr and keep checking back for new stuff, starting tomorrow! If you've enjoyed Shattered Gemstones thus far, I think this will be a great companion to the story. You can also follow me on twitter @IatosHaunted for news and my witty/disturbing stream of consiousness while writing. 

That's all for now, folks! Feel free to give feedback on what you see throughout Shattered September, and look forward to the start of season 2 on the 24th. Until then, this is Jay, signing out!

Shattered Gemstones Interlude: The Hunter

Hey, all! Season 2 of Shattered Gemstones is still in the works, so I thought I'd give you all this little "interlude" in the meantime. I honestly can't really say exactly how long season 2 will take to begin, but I guarantee it will start off with a bang! Until then, enjoy this!
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Shattered Gemstones chapter 15: Fighting Fears, Fighting Fate

Well guys, the first season of Shattered Gemstones had a good, long run. And here we are, at the finale. Before the adventure can truly begin, the players must resolve the fears that have followed them here, and face the paths to their eventual fate. Secrets will be revealed, and demons will be faced. All that's past is prologue. What the future holds is uncertain. What lies ahead is a fertile graveyard, a vast land reclaimed by nature. The battle to take it back may be even more fierce than the destruction that drove its people away. And what lies at the core of that destruction? Find out, next season in Shattered Gemstones!
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Shattered Gemstones chapter 14: Shedding Light

This week on Shattered Gemstones: Drama, intrigue, Garnett being adorable! As the mystery surrounding jacob deepens, Tess begins to see him in a new light. And don't forget to check back in (probably) two weeks for the extra-long finale of Shattered Gemstones season 1!
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Shattered Gemstones chapter 13: At the Cliffside

Another week, another chapter! As we close in on the end of Shattered Gemstones' first season, on the eve of the illustrious and mysterious May 1st, we find Damian in a standoff with Lucas. In a hunt for answers, all that can be found is more mystery. All is certainly not what it seems. Enjoy!
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Shattered Gemstones Chapter 12: Battle in the Shipyard

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Do not adjust your monitors, there's nothing wrong with your screen. What you're seeing is really true. Shattered Gemstones is going WEEKLY! ...well, at least until Part 1 is finished. Which is SOON! Anyway, today we revisit Tess and Keith. The fight is on as Tess struggles to suppress a surge of emotions from her past, and Keith begins to show her the ropes of battle. Enjoy!
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Shattered Gemstones Chapter 11: Lilycove

Sorry for the week long delay on this chapter, folks! Some real-world circumstances held me back, but we're all good now! A lot of things are set in motion in this chapter. A great battle is started at the end of another, a mysterious figure makes his move, and the life of one is spared among the deaths of many. This one should not be missed out on, folks. Enjoy!
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