Welcome our NEW Featured Team Editor: Tytanious

While picking a new editor is always a hard decision, I think Tytanious was a great choice. He will be keeping us up to date on teams weekly. While in the past we had trouble keeping this consistent, Tytan will make sure ever week you can judge and learn about new teams!

Welcome to the team!

Take the jump to the Eeveelious team we have for you this week!


043 Real As It Gets

Episode 043 of the Pokemon Podcast. SBJ teams up with Aaron, Jay, and Travis. We start off hard with a Featured Team. We the cover tons of user questions for a solid hour. Ranging from puns, to thoughts, to gen III pokes, we do it all. Finally, we have a sweet PKMN of the Week, as well as, Travis announcing something new. It's Super effective

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Host: Steve || Guests: Travis, Jay, Aaron

040 F.E.A.T.U.R.E.D.T.E.A.M.

Happy Easter!

SBJ and crew runs down FIVE different Featured Teams. Not only that, but we cover some news and Pokemon of the Week. On top of all that, SBJ reveals what this #June1st thing is about. This two hour epic has a ton of new guest as well. SBJ, Kenny, Wil, Don, and Scott all talk about Pokémon for YOU for Easter. How sweet! Hope you like your Teams reviewed!

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Host: Steve ||Guests: Kenny, Wil, Don, Scott


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Featured Team Back!

With finding out you guys and gals LOVE Featured Team... no better did I spend time in my empty room to get one up as soon as I found out via that survey. Thanks to everyone who took it! Thanks for everyone who sent in teams. 

This week's team is a bit interesting. Going from old school to some new ones, it's quite a mix up. Let Alex know in the comments how you feel!


001 Late Night Toys

001 Late Night Toys from Pokémon Podcast on Vimeo.

The season premier of the Pokémon Podcast's first web show/video podcast. SBJ goes toy hunting in various stores. Also, SBJ sits down and talks about a big part of the show, Featured Team. We have a who's that Pokémon segment, as well as, a Pokémon YouTube Video that we added. It may seemed rushed. But this is almost like a full test for quality, sound, cameras, people, timing transitions... aka... video Podcasts are a lot of WORK!