Rare Article: Anniversary Spectacular!

Sing it with me! "Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes! How do you measure a year in life?" Wait, what? You're telling me this isn't the anniversary of the musical Rent? Crap. Let's start over. It's been a year of PKMNCast. I figure that some other editors will celebrate this year in the podcast, so I thought that I would look at the best of the website itself over the year by presenting an article under each ongoing column on the site that is, at least in my opinion, the best.
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In January, I realized that I needed to find an easy way to keep up on Pokemon, news, events, etc. I drive about 30 mins each way to work and so I decided to search for a podcast. I typed Pokemon into iTunes and had a few podcasts to listen to. As I was searching I didn't find any that updated enough or were around long enough that I could be a "loyal" listener, except one. It's Super Effective.
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One Year Already?...

Hello everybody and Happy Anniversary from @aaronspriggs and everyone else here at PKMNcast.com! It’s been a pretty baller year. From being the first guest host to writing articles on the site, it’s been an honor to be here almost as long as Steve has been.

First I want to give mad props to Steve for starting such an awesome podcast and site, and say thank you for sticking to it for so long now. We’ve gotten much better at this whole podcasting thing, lol

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Celebrating Concept Corner

We've had some segments come to an end here at PKMNcast. Breeding 101, Team Tactics, and now Concept Corner. If your a new reader to the site, here are all the articles in one new article! 

Jay will be writing some new stuff. Stay tuned. Also... stay tuned for our 1 Year Anniversary of PKMNcast on August 1st!

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